TEAA Accomplishments:
Search, Selection, Awards, Follow-up

Henry Hamburger
TEAA Treasurer

December, 2014
Teachers for East Africa Alumni (TEAA) is a nonprofit, charitable (501c3) NGO that began assisting secondary schools in East Africa in 2004. Typically we have been in active collaboration with 15 or so schools, with enrollments between 150 and 700. We have made 176 grants, totaling $245,000. In addition there have been 5 major projects totaling about $60,000 by individual TEAA members. You can click here for specifics of each award.
We assist schools that we select on the basis of strong leadership. We also consider our ability to make a visible difference. Evaluation of school leadership and direction has taken place during over 150 school visits. All travel is self-funded. Awards are overwhelmingly for academic materiel, something that we feel comfortable evaluating since we are educators ourselves with deep as well as recent experience in East Africa. Specific items are selected by the schools with the approval of a TEAA visitor and after rigorous discussion by our grants committee. We make followup visits and keep in touch in the meantime via email.
The locations of TEAA-assisted schools range from Lira in the north of Uganda down to Kampala, both east and west from there within Uganda and on to northwestern and southwestern Kenya as well as northwestern and central Tanzania. Over time, financing has been balanced among the three countries of the original TEA/TEEA project. About one quarter of our current schools enroll young women only. The rest are mixed.