Project on Independent Reading

Schools that participate
  in the TEAA reading project are in ...

  • Uganda: MacKay, New Kabale,
    St. Bernard's, Tarantino, Tororo

  • Tanzania: Moringe Sokoine

  • Kenya: Amagoro, Bungoma Baptist,
    Lunza, Toloso, Wandiji
Sample Reading Lists
  have been provided by ...
To learn more, click on these items,
both by Bill Jones, TEAA
 How to start 
a project to encourage recreational reading
on the TEAA recreational reading project
On the importance of reading:
It was simply clear that the work that students and I did was more efficiently executed if students read. Readers, I came to see, actually make themselves writers. The idea is just to get students to turn pages and to enjoy doing so, just the way readers everywhere do.

- Bill Jones, in the  Report  on the TEAA project.
There is no greater divide in life than the one between kids for whom the experience of learning to read is a painful or tedious one,... and those for whom the experiences of reading and writing are ... so intense as to offer a new life of their own.

- Adam Gopnik, in Angels and Ages