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Teaching, Traveling and the Times
Bill Jones, Editor

You are on the main page of the TEAA Story Project. From here, you can find 129 stories by 72 authors (as of January, 2016). They are all, whatever their story line, reflections prompted by half-century-old experiences in East Africa where, in 1961, on the eve of independence of British colonies - Uganda, Kenya, Tanganyika (soon to be Tanzania) and Zanzibar - Teachers for East Africa, a USAID program, sent an initial group of one hundred fifty teachers to teach in secondary schools and, eventually, in teacher training institutions. In the Feb. 5, 1961 NY Times, the program director spoke in glowing terms of the
qualities he would demand of recruits. By 1971 some six hundred teachers had made the journey.

For many, the experience has been identified as a centrally defining one, one that occasioned personal insights or human connection, realized in the midst of their functioning as educators or in activity having no obviously direct ties to education or to the political moment that sent them to East Africa. Browse, read, and then, if you are moved to do so, make your voice heard by contributing your own story (or stories) and comments.

To make it easy to find clusters of material that may be of specific interest to you - and to facilitate comparison, contemplation and a cohesive reading experience - the stories appear in seven categories, each with introductory material linked to the stories it mentions. Below that appears a complete list of stories in that category. You can reach everything from this page and also move around among the categories using a bar that looks like this:

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Some people have submitted writings to the TEAA Newsletter, many of which also tell of their TEA experience, though sometimes mingled with more recent matters. To search through all issues (34 of them as of January, 2016) of the Newsletter in the same way, go to All Newsletters and put your keyword choice in the search box there. I tried "shamba" and then "discipline"; each yielded five hits.

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