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Key Moments and Experiences

Half a century down the road, several authors express the power of the TEA experience in directing their lives. Thus Clarence Hunter, in his Search for Self in the Motherland, calls his five-year stay in Uganda "the defining moment of my life." A similar sentiment appears in the stories and even the titles of Kay Borkowski's A Life-Defining Experience, Rod Hinkle's Life-Changing Event, and Harold Scheub's TEA Changed My Life. A professional take on the power of the experience to change a life infuses both Scheub's story and Edward Hower's Careers out of Africa.

Arguably the most dramatic changes of direction occurred for those who, like Dagmar Telfer Muthamia, married an African (see Meru Names, listed in Tributes) or, like Gloria Lindsey Alibaruho, author of the poignant reflection Kibo and Paradise, never left East Africa.

Specific responsibilities, both outside and within the classroom, as well as remarkable experiences and momentous events off campus, made Carol Heath's TEA Time an important "maturing time in my life" and "vastly expanded my world view." Audrey Van Cleve Dickson's ode to Bukoba, Tanzania - 1963, a town that "burns in our beings forever," is the work of an accompanying spouse, pursuing her own profession, speaking in a different voice, finding a new reality.

In just Three Hundred TEA Words, Lloyd Sherman relates experiences that were "the grist for a life seeking the answers to fundamental questions about the conditions that made a difference in learning which have energized my professional life ever since." In TEA Successes, Then and Now, Henry Hamburger tells of dormant inspiration from the old days being awakened decades after coming home, as TEA Alumni gathered and formed an organization that would pick up the thread and try once again to assist East African schools.

Brief but memorable, Nat Frothingham's entry, You Are My Son, is the touching story of a "chance meeting" on a path near his school. Finally, Eva Murray-Scelzo resurrects truly Scenes from a Tropical Hiatus. Like Nat, she was welcomed as "one of our children."

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Alibaruho, Gloria. Kibo and Paradise.
Anderson, Jay A Clean Well-Pressed Shirt.
Barr, Jerry. Stopping Fires in the Bush.
Introducing Basketball.
Bing, John Testing for a Driver's License.
Blair, Jim. TEA Reflections.
Borkowski, Kay. A Life-Defining Experience.
Butts, J (R. Freeman) Career Memories.
Cahill, Bill. A Humbling Experience.
Coxson, Betty. Africa in My Life.
Dickson, Audrey Van Cleve. Bukoba, Tanzania - 1963.
Frothingham, Nat. You Are My Son.
Goddard, Brooks. That First Night at Makerere.
Hamburger, H. TEA Successes, Then and Now.
Heath, Carol. TEA Time.
Heaton, Ted Attending a Circumcision Ceremony.
Hinkle, Rod. Life-Changing Event.
Transition to Peace Corps.
Howard, Moses. David Bruce's Microscope.
No Entry Permit.
Hower, Edward. Careers Out of Africa.
Hunter, Clarence. The Search for Self in the Motherland.
Lemke, Marty. First Wave Romance.
Marschall, Eugene. The Mpembe Effect.
McMillin, Mary Jo. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble.
November 1963, Songea, Tanganyika.
Mische, Pat. From the Minnesota River Valley to the Peaks of Kilimanjaro.
Murray-Scelzo, Eva. Scenes from a Tropical Hiatus.
Paarlberg, Jack My Greatest Gift.
Scheub, Harold. TEA Changed My Life.
Two Remarkable Flights.
Sherman, Lloyd. Three Hundred TEA Words.
Stover, Nola. JFK Assassination.
Wallace, Jim. Dukas, Dear Dukas.

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