How to use Teaaki

Email or wiki:You can email your story to Henry Hamburger at and he will take it from there. However, by using the wiki (pronounced "wicky") directly, you get immediate results online, including the ability to comment directly on the work of your colleagues. Using this kind of collaboration software is barely different from other computer activities you've done. Henry will answer any questions that may arise.

Do your usual: With either the wiki or email, it's probably best to work on your story and get it into electronic form in your usual way. Then you can copy and paste it later - either onto your own wiki page or into an email message. However, please be aware that you can edit right on your wiki page, just like with Word or whatever editing/word-processing software you currently use.

  1. Go to  Teaaki  (
  2. Click "Request Access" (upper right).
  3. You'll get email granting access.
Adding your story
  1. Go to  Teaaki  (
  2. Click "Login" (upper right).
  3. Click "Create a Page" (upper right).
  4. Paste in your story.
  5. Edit it as needed.
  6. Click "Save" (lower left).