Newsletter #11 Addendum
October, 2004

Published by: Ed Schmidt
7307 Lindbergh Dr.  
St. Louis (Go Cardinals!), MO 63117
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  • TEAA Gains Tax Exempt Status
  • Betty Castor (3C) Wins U.S.Senate Primary in Florida
  • Pack Your Bags for Dar-05
  • MacKay Scholarship Fund Dinner in Colorado
TEAA Gains Tax Exempt Status
Henry Hamburger
We have done it: TEAA is a 501c3 tax exempt org! And by the way, that's with effect from March 2003, in case anyone wants to re-file last year's taxes.

Thanks first to Joe Malloy for guidance and yeoperson efforts on the original documents. Thanks to all of you who contributed advice and, in several cases, detailed commentary on the fearsome 18 Questions. And thanks to Arlone and Kate for providing motivation by already getting contributions for worthy causes.

Contributions to TEAA will go to supporting the two secondary schools that we have selected, one in Uganda and one in Kenya, and a school in Tanzania which is expected to be identified by the Dar-05 group next summer. Checks should be made out to TEAA and sent to:

Henry Hamburger
6400 Wynkoop Blvd
Bethesda, MD, 20817-5934
Betty Castor Wins Senate Primary in Florida
Betty Castor (Elizabeth Bowe, 3C) has won the Democratic primary in Florida's U.S. Senate race. reports, "Any Senate race in Florida would be important, but Castor is a particularly appealing candidate. She's a former state Education Commissioner and university president who led reforms of Florida's poorest schools and expanded health insurance coverage to thousands more Florida kids. Betty Castor is a true progressive with real momentum on her side, and she needs our help now in her campaign against a well-funded Republican opponent." Betty attended the DC01 reunion.

It would, I suppose, not be proper to endorse a candidate, especially given our new tax status. There is, however, an appeal to having one of our own in the U.S. Senate. You can figure out what you need/want to do!
Pack Your Bags for Dar-05
Brooks Goddard
Following a lovely conversation with Mr. Joseph Sokoine of the Tanzanian Embassy in DC who supplied me with the critical information that TZ sec schools will not be open in June and will reopen on July 11 and following a conversation with a member of my kitchen cabinet, I have revised the Dar 05 itinerary.

[webmaster's note: To see the current draft itinerary, click "Dar-05" in the upper left and then "Itinerary" in the lower left.]

Mr. Sokoine will initiate communication with TZ Ministry of Ed and with UDSM. He struck me as very interested in our plans and very willing to help.


[Editor's note:] If you are not on Brooks's list of those interested in this trip and you would like to be included in future updates, you should contact him:

Brooks (and Jeanie) Goddard
59 Otis St
Needham, MA 02492,
MacKay Scholdarship Fund Dinner
Arlone and Gene Child
The Childs are hosting their annual fundraising dinner to raise money for half-tuition scholarships for selected Mackay students. Here are the details:

1:00 - 3:00 OR 5:00 - 7:00 PM.
504 Creekside Court
Golden, CO 80403
RSVP 303-278 1008
Make checks payable to TEAA.
If youare not close enough to go, perhaps you know someone who is.