Newsletter #17
July, 2007

Published by:
Ed Schmidt
7307 Lindbergh Dr.  
St. Louis, MO 63117
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Newsletter Matters

  • Your Contact Info:   Please keep the editor informed of any changes in your contact information.

  • Your News:   Items for inclusion in future newsletters should also be sent to the above address.

  • Notification:   Before each issue I send out an email asking for news items, but do not send a corresponding mailing to snail mail readers due to the cost and time involved. However, snail mail readers are also encouraged to send in items for the newsletter at any time.

  • This online version of the newsletter omits the obituaries and directory updates.

Website Matters

  • What's Available: For the latest just click "What's Hot."

  • Earlier issues ... back to issue #6 in early 2002 are here - click "Member News" and then "All Newsletters" (in lower left).

  • Photos Welcome: Email your digital photos from the old days for the reunion page or recent ones for "What's Hot," showing, e.g., you, students, and/or a school we support. Send to...

  • The Webminder: Email your questions, suggestions and relevant photos to Note my new e-address.

TEAA Action

  • Projects: TEAA and several individuals are active. To view a list of projects click "Actions" (upper left) and then "Grants" (lower left). To see photos and information on specific schools that we are supporting, click "Schools" (upper left) and then a country (lower left).

  • How to Help: If you are thinking of participating, please click How to Help in the upper left corner of this website. You will find information on how to contribute to continuing and future projects.

  • You can avoid taxes on capital gains in IRA accounts by donating those funds to not-for-profits, including TEAA. To help TEAA support schools in East Africa, send your check made out to TEAA to Henry Hamburger, 6400 Wynkoop Blvd, Bethesda, MD, 20817-5934. TEAA is registered as a 501(c)3 organization under the US tax code.

Grant Process

  • Proposals: Any TEAA-er can propose a grant to a school, by copying and filling out the grant application on this website.

  • Application Form: Click "Organization" and then "Grant Application." Completed forms go to the chair of the Grants Committee: Pat Gill
    218 B St,
    St Augustine, FL 32080

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