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AUGUST 28-31

Minneapolis in '15
must be seen!
Greetings! from the Planning Committee and a warm invitation to all... to attend the 2015 TEAA Reunion in Minneapolis. Our biennial reunion is now only 9 months away and we encourage you to make your hotel reservation soon. We will gather on Friday, August 28 and hold the final session and farewell on the morning of Monday, August 31. Here is the information you'll need for the hotel.

We also ask that you register as soon as you decide you're going to be there. So please scroll down or click register. Thanks!


A block of 30 rooms at the rate of only $119.00 a night has been reserved at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center for the nights of our event: August 28, 29 and 30, 2015.

Also, five rooms are still available at that rate before and after our event. This is a very good and special rate for us. To reserve your room online, start with a click on the following website link, which is for our group only:


It is also possible to reserve by phone. To do this, you must use this group number: 1-877-303-0104 in order to get our special rate. (Local Group number for Mpls area only is 1-866-315-9403.)


The registration fee for the reunion/conference is $150 for TEAA members (former TEA and TEEA folks) and $75 for their guests.

Checks should be payable to "TEAA." Please be sure it's clear who is getting paid for. Mail to   →→
Henry Hamburger
6400 Wynkoop Blvd
Bethesda, MD 20817

When your payment is received your name will immediately be added to the "Definites" on the website list of "Who's Coming." It also helps the Planning Committee to know where they stand. On the other hand, waiting six months while collecting ¼% annual interest earns you only 19¢.