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TEAA in 2015, by the numbers:

7 = Schools Ed Schmidt visited, 2015
183 = Grants since we started

8 = Reunions in odd-numbered years
47 = Attendance in Minneapolis, 2015

72 = Writers in the Story Project
129 = Stories posted, through 2015
MaaSAE Girls' Secondary, via Operation Bootstrap Africa, has written to thank TEAA for our recent donation, fulfilling our 4-year commitment to this residential school in Monduli in northern Tanzania, with an enrollment of 325. MaaSAE stands for Maa, Speakers, Advanced, Education.

Last year, reports OBA, 100% of the Form 4s passed their national exam, compared to 61% nationwide, and half of them qualified to continue into Form 5. These numbers refer to 2014, the most recent year for which results are available. OBA reminds us that "research continues to show that educating girls in developing countries is one of the most effective means of improving the lives of all citizens." Finally, they assert that "the achievements of this school would not be possible without the generous and faithful support of donors like you!"
Academic Strategy at Leo Atubo College: This high school in Lira, in north-central Uganda, has shared with us their End-of-Year 2015 Letter to Parents. It includes a noteworthy section titled Academics:

"The teachers ... have conducted night preps and early morning preps effectively throughout the term and administered welcome, mid-term and end-of-term exams successfully. Extra lessons were also conducted in all classes and for candidates. Senior examiners conducted a one-day seminar in all subjects. All students have been issued end-of-year report cards which we expect parents to analyze and advise accordingly. As policy of the school, those students who have been constantly declining have been made to repeat their classes so that they can improve before proceeding to the next class..."
Exam time in Usa River, Tanzania:     "Greetings from Nkoaranga. We are doing fine here at our school, with everything going smoothly. On 16th October we had the Form Four graduation ceremony and in early November they will sit for National examinations. Ombeni Ndosi, Headmaster"

Exam time in Lira, Uganda:     "How are you there? Hope all is well, and warm greetings from Leo Atubo College. We are fine, just that we are in a very busy season, with the S.4 candidates having just started their exams. The practical papers were done successfully last week, thanks to TEAA support in equipping the lab.

"Now the S.4s are getting on with the theory papers. No big challenge yet. Meanwhile the S.6 will start on the 9th Nov. Hopefully all will end successfully. Regards, Maxwell Engola, H/m"
Reunion Highlights - Brooks Goddard

"There were several highlights of the 2015 Reunion/Conference in Minneapolis that I'd like to share with you. First, the immaculate planning by Linda Donaldson and her committee: great hotel, great seminars, great camaraderie. Kudos and asante sana. Second, the Ann Dickinson-created video  African Connections . Nostalgia kabisa and a great motivation to search your old photos one more time. Third, Fran Vavrus and her stellar opening talk. Fourth, Mzee Moses Howard's challenge for us to renew our voices one last time."

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Reading at Mackay - Gertrude Sekabira, via Bill Jones.

"The project has progressed very well and has instilled a reading culture among the students leading to allocation of a bigger room. This has greatly contributed to academic performance, which has improved dramatically. The students have been inspired to form a writers' club.

"In the beginning, the project had been programmed during English language lessons but that was limiting and the teachers considered it as extra work. It was therefore agreed that the students would be allowed to read on their own, by creating a library period for students to read in their free time. This year, the time for reading has been extended for one hour after school. We are very grateful to TEAA who have supported this project.
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JULY 2015
In June, Ed Schmidt traveled to Uganda and Kenya. Here are reports on three schools for which he will be recommending TEAA funding.

 Amagoro Girls           Leo Atubo College 

 Bungoma Baptist Girls 
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