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TEAA Milestones
28 (!!) issues of our biannual Newsletter have now been produced by Ed Schmidt - editor, corresponder, and finder of people. Circulation is 388, with 291 TEAA-USA households, 59 TEAA-UK households, 11 surviving spouses, 8 offspring, and 19 guests. Thanks to all you writers, readers, co-finders, and keepers in touch. September in the Rockies. The 7th odd-numbered year of the milennium will see the 7th biennial gathering of TEAA. For the latest on our 2013 event, click  Colorado-13 , which will get you an offer to download an overview. For information about specific aspects that interest you, go to the  home page  and select items below the cabin icon.

Evocative, sometimes whimsical sketches of "street level" Dar es Salaam, accompanied by gently impassioned text ("Sadly this 1938 building ... was demolished a few weeks ago...") can be  seen  or purchased online as  greeting cards  or a  book . The book may even be coming soon to a bookstore near you, as the sketch here→→
suggests. Thanks to Brooks for alerting some of us to this artistic and literary event.
Larger than usual grants were awarded this month to Moringe Sokoine Secondary School in Monduli, Tanzania and to MacKay College near Kampala, Uganda. Click for a  list of grants  in 2012 stating academic items purchased. School visits are on the TEAA calendar for early 2013. Ed begins his journey as part of a teaching workshop in Moshi, Tanzania. Henry starts a bit later and visits schools near Arusha. They will then proceed to Kenya and Uganda.
Principal Okunya writes from Kosiemo:
Results & Appreciation
Historic high for Kosiemo. "Today we received our mid-year trial exam results for our Form 4 Class. We are ranked #26 out of 64 schools in two districts, with a mean score 4.5, up from 4.0 in last year's exams of that type. This is the best result for the trial exams in the history of our school." Ten days later: "Ed, thank your very much for the assistance... Today the work started on our laboratory. Two Board members were in school to witness the start of the project... For the first time in the history of the school, there is a a real possibility of students sitting [the lab portion of] exams in a functional lab."
In Remembrance of Lloyd Sherman   "Our hearts are deeply saddened by this moment. At the same time, our hearts rejoice for having known Lloyd and through him, many of you." So began Joan Schieber's praise, recollections and celebration of Lloyd's life at the recent memorial event in New York. That life was deeply affected by TEA, which he called, in a passage Joan quotes, "a pallet to create a context for being alive." Aware of that deep tie, many have made generous donations to TEAA in Lloyd's memory. One came from the U. of Mississippi Medical Center with a note calling Lloyd "a heroic mentor to disadvantaged children striving to become physicians and a wonderful colleague for many medical school faculty and administrators nationwide."

Joan's full text, including remarks by several other TEAA-ers who were present, can be downloaded by clicking  here . Bill Jones, who witnessed Lloyd's early teaching and captivating stories and saw him again just several weeks ago, writes about all these things  here .

And there was news coverage: "A poignant ending followed the two-hour funeral at Riverside Church for Lloyd R. Sherman, an associate professor of medical education at Mount Sinai, who died in an automobile accident on Aug. 21." The foregoing quote, continued below, is from Bill Cunningham's cultural entry in the September 2 New York Times. Lloyd was both a TEAA-er and a New Yorker and the family has encouraged those who knew him to send donations in lieu of flowers to TEAA. Lloyd taught at Narok SS in Kenya, 1962-64 and more recently was a member of the program committee for the 2011 TEAA 50th reunion in New York, a committee chaired by Bill Jones who called this coverage to our attention. The caption continues...

"His five children, who arranged the service, ended it with a New Orleans-style brass band procession, followed by the traditional second line. An unusual sight in Manhattan, it trailed the hearse bearing the coffin as it drove slowly around the church, returning to the front door, where nearly 300 mourners re-entered for a reception. Women were given black parasols and white handkerchiefs to wave as they danced along after the hearse. Dr. Sherman's son Caleb waved his father's guitar in the parade. The ritual turned a solemn occasion into a celebration of the doctor's life." - See photos below.

IBM to add Nairobi lab to its global research network, making Kenya the latest of four nations on four continents where the company has opened such a lab in the last two years. "The Nairobi lab is intended as a hub for nurturing home-grown skills. IBM plans to build the lab up to 50 researchers within five years. In addition, it will be the center for a resident scientist program which will bring in researchers from Nairobi and elsewhere in Africa to collaborate with IBM scientists" for one year. An intended side benefit is stanching brain drain.    more 
JULY 2012
Bill Swain passed away on May 28. Bill was in the first wave of Teacher Educators for East Africa, TEEA, a co-equal USAID project that started a few years after TEA and worked at teacher training colleges. The Unitarian Universalist Society of Oneonta, New York, celebrated Bill's life at a Memorial Service on June 3. The congregation, comprising "people of diverse beliefs joined by a unity of spirit," welcomes "all members of the human family." At the request of Bill's wife Molly and in consultation with TEAA the program stated that memorial donations might be made to TEAA. We are grateful and touched that so many - 30 - have been received. One was accompanied by a copy of the  program  and another included a  note  from someone who worked with Bill in Liberia back in the day and has stayed involved in an assistance effort for that country.
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