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JUNE 2012
School News, SW Kenya
One-room primary school, built principally with TEAA funding, is now in use. Regional Representative Peter Indalo writes: "Thank you on behalf of the pupils of Privilege [formerly Prudent] Primary School." The  letter  he attached, signed in their own hand-printing by all 36 of them, thanks "all members of TEAA," and notes that their learning is no longer impeded by rain, wind, dust, or sunshine. Writes Peter: "Please accept their appreciation and gratitude." 2nd out of 72 regional schools on the form 4 regional math exam was the good news this week from St Monica Bondo, Kosiemo. Last week, Principal Okunya wrote...

"Yesterday was World Environment Day. To us as a school it was Community Service day. Ten of our teachers and I led our students to various public institutions to assist... It was a very exciting experience."
MAY 2012
News and Acknowledgments from Schools

Excellent A-Level results at Moringe Sokoine in Monduli, Tanzania, are reported by headmaster Kwayu Ndesamburu. He credits our repeated support and "of course teachers and students efforts too!!". Three classrooms are being renovated at Moonlight Primary, Bungoma, Kenya, with TEAA assistance. TEAA representative Enoch Nandokha also reports an 85% pass rate for entry to secondary. Projector to be in place for next term, at Iceme Girls, outside Lira, Uganda, writes Peace Corps volunteer Jacque Demko. Watch this space for promised pictures and an update.

Third in the region. "Our last year's result was good. Our school was given an award for being third in the region. You have played an important role in helping our students with the needed materials, especially science apparatus," writes Headmistress Sister Mary Shaija of Notre Dame Academy, Njiro, near Arusha, Tanzania.

New science lab equipment, is at Amagoro Girls in Malaba, Kenya.
Photo sent by Peace Corps volunteer Allison Litfin, upper right, features
"new glassware, scrub brushes, posters, ammeters and voltmeters."
Prof. Senteza Kajubi who taught many TEA and TEEA (soon-to-be) teachers at Makerere University in the 1960s is no longer with us. Lee Smith writes, "D.T. Joshi just called to inform me that Senteza Kajubi passed away early this morning (1 May 2012). What an inspiration he was to many of us!" Lee also notes that Prof. Kajubi "was deeply involved in our planning committee for the 2003 Kampala TEAA Reunion" where he introduced us to Gertrude Sekabira, who as the leader of MacKay College has been TEAA's first and enduring connection to an East African secondary school. Many of us knew him later at Nkumba University and via the hospitality of Fawn Cousens. Here is an obituary from  New Vision . Colorado-13, the seventh biennial TEAA reunion and conference will take place Tuesday, September 10 through Thursday, September 12, 2013. Save the dates! We will be based at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO. For suggestions on what to do while in this glorious region of the country, click on  4-corners . To download a Word document with the same comments, click  4-corners.doc . Additional information on this gathering will appear here as soon as available. In particular, you should expect a formal announcement and a help link for making reservations.
APRIL 2012
Great Migration 2012! Come to Kenya in August or September for this mass movement of more than a million wildebeest plus hundreds of thousands of zebras and gazelles, along with some predators. Join TEAA-ers Mike and Judy Rainy, who have lived, studied and worked in East Africa as ecologists, anthropologists, photographers and photographic safari guides since 1965. TEAA leader Brooks Goddard opines that "the Mara then is great, the Rainys are fundis kabisa, and the price is reasonable."  more  "The previous assistance has remarkably improved the performance of our students in the national exams," writes Martin Wamoyi, the headmaster of Lunza Secondary School, near Butere and not far from Bungoma and Kakamega, in Kenya's Western Province. There is more good news: "The school is now the sixth ranked in our district and the third most improved. And you won't just believe this:English is the best performed subject in school, from a paltry mean of C- grade to C+ and the third best in our district!"
ALERT!! The story is not yet complete, but Brooks alerts us to this much: "Shelby Lewis headed the TEAA committee that organized the 2009 TEAA reunion. Not dropping off the radar, she turned her attention to rebuilding Tororo Girls School in Uganda, and she has been keeping the matter on USAID's radar. Now it appears that she has guided the matter to the front burner, and we hope that there will be a major announcement soon."  more 

The US State Department website notes that "Dr. Shelby Lewis, Member of the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, traveled to Uganda February 22 to 27, 2012. In Kampala, at Makerere University, she delivered a speech entitled The Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Program and Africa during President Barack Obama's Administration, in which she highlighted Ugandan and African-American Black History achievers. Dr. Lewis also met with the Parliament of Uganda, visited the Queen of Buganda, and journeyed to Tororo Girls School to highlight the United States' commitment to strengthening education in Uganda and deepening academic ties between the two nations."
Scopes and folks turned out for the camera at Bungoma Baptist Girls High. These photos make it official: TEAA assistance has reached another Kenya school. That's headmistress Kalerwa Rose at the center. She writes "So happy to use the newly acquired microscopes with your help. We really appreciate." ... and this from Ed: "The labs were being renovated when I was there in June."

Textbooks across the curriculum have been bought with TEAA funding, reports Principal Okunya at St. Monica Bondo, Kosiemo.

MARCH 2012
The best KCSE results "since the inception of the school" are reported by Principal Okunya at St. Monica Bondo, Kosiemo. "We feel that our strategies worked. We actually hit our target... We hope to scale higher this year. Thanks Ed for being there for us." An overwhelming turnout of 190 first-year students has raised the total enrollment at Bishop Tarantino College in Lira, Uganda, to 420, writes Principal Maxwell Engola, adding that "This has been the greatest number in history. It's challenging but we are managing."

Back to work at MacKay. After a long pause, construction has resumed on this new facility (at left) that will house a library and more, thanks to a large matching grant from TEAA-er Gene Child and thanks as well to the parents who are meeting the challenge.

Boarding for girls has begun at St Monica Bondo Kosiemo, where TEAA associate and friend Okunya Milton is the new principal, reassigned from Gunga. Before that we knew him as deputy head of Mukuyu. There are 10 students in the program so far. His new school has 225 students, 75 of them girls, along with 12 teachers and a non-teaching staff of seven. "Next week," he writes, "I will take 20 of our boarders to visit two schools which have started similar boarding programs to share ideas and see what we can learn from them."

There is academic news too. The school has initiated "a termly contest in creative writing for schools in this region. Our English department will co-ordinate it." The first contest takes place this week.
Good academic news comes also from two girls' schools that TEAA has assisted. Principal Maxwell Engola of Bishop Tarantino in Lira, Uganda, reports improvement that is particularly apparent in English scores.

The fledgling Notre Dame Academy, Njiro, near Arusha, Tanzania, has achieved highly competitive results among small schools in their region, straddling the borderline of the top 10% for form 4 and within the top 5% for form 2. This report comes from Principal Sr. Mary Shaija, another old friend reassigned since we first knew her.
"People interested in current Kenya politics might wish to turn to  Ni sisi Kenya , a website started by John  Githongo , whom you might know from It's Our Turn to Eat by Michela Wrong." - from TEAA prez, Brooks Goddard

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