Booklist from Clive Lovelock


The following scale of levels may give an idea of the intended readers:


(2) Beginner/Starter





(7)Upper Int./Pre-adv./ Camb!stCert

(8)Advanced/Bridge to L1/NS* teens.

*[PI = Pre-intermediate

L1/NS = English as a first language.



Cambridge Univ. Press


(2) "Blood Diamonds" about London journalists in African War zones.

(3) "Jojo's Story" (ER Foundation award winner)

about a child soldier in a war-torn country

(3) "Double Cross" international thriller includes S. Africa, Mozambique

(7) "Nelson's Dream" AIDS, corruption, humour, music in S. Africa


Cengage/Thomson Footprint Library


Simplified & abbreviated articles from Nat. Geographic Mag.

Lots of documentary articles of general / global interest

as well as some with African focus or connections.


(3) "Happy Elephants" (domesticated or in zoos)

(3) "Volcano Trek" geologists in Ethiopia

(4) "Gorilla Watching Tours" Uganda

(4) "Disappearing Worlds" Wildlife in Africa

(4) "Wild Animal Trackers" The wisdom of Bushmen

(4) "Night Hunt" Okavanga Wetlands

(4) "The Missing Snows of Kilimanjaro" Climate change

(4) "One Boy's Journey" Fulani boy's test of manhood

(5) "Wild Animal Town" Effects of population expansion in Sudan

(5) "The Three Rivers of Zambia"

(5) "One Woman's Choice" Tanzanian city woman who lives in the bush


Macmillan Language House


(1) "Rich Man, Poor Man"

Seemingly in a developing country, uneducated old man's son

sends him a postal order, but he doesn't understand how to cash it.

(5) "No Longer At Ease" by Chinua Achebe

(5) "Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe

(6) "Weep Not Child" by Ngugi Thiong'o


Pearson Longman - Penguin Readers Series


(4) "Amistad" Africans brought as slaves to 19th century America on the shipe Amistad, their struggle for freedom

(4) "The No. 1 Ladyie's Detective Agency" female detective

in Botswana; charming and humorous.

(5) "King Solomon's Mines"

(5) "Tears of the Giraffe" 'Ni 1 Ladie's Detective Agency (2)

(6) "The Heart of Darkness" adventures on the Congo River

(7) "Cry the Beloved Country" Apartheid in S. Africa


Oxford U.P. Dominoes Series


(3) "Dian and the Gorillas" story of Dian Fossey in the Verunga Mountains

Factfiles Series (3) "Animals in Danger" ( ... of extinction, worldwide)

(3) "Rainforests" global issue Bookworms

(2) "Changing their Skies: Stories from Africa"

Short stories from various African countries

(3) "Cries from the Heart" Human interest stories from africa and other countries.

(4) "Dancing with Strangers: Stories from Africa"

(4)  "The African Queen" as in the classic movie with

Humphrey Bogard and Catherine Hepburn

(4)  "Nelson Mandela" biography

(4) "Price of Peace: Stories from Africa"

(5) "The Bride Price" by Buchi Emecheta

(6) "Cry Feedom" true story  of South African Steve Biko