How to Help

You can get directly involved or you can contribute. Before doing either of those things, you'll want to get some idea of our goals, so please take a look at the brief statement below, "What We Do."

More importantly, to see what we have actually accomplished, browse our school projects (with photos). Just click a country here:  Kenya  Tanzania  Uganda . You can also click on  Grants Awarded  to see 176 actions we've taken through 2014.

  • Involvement: A good next step is to contact our president, Brooks Goddard at  . If you have ideas and experience, so much the better.

  • Contributions are tax-deductible (see below). We can accept checks payable to TEAA and mailed to Henry Hamburger,TEAA Treasurer at 6400 Wynkoop Blvd, Bethesda, MD, 20817-5934. It is also possible to donate stock or other securities and/or to designate TEAA as a beneficiary in one's will.

  • Questions about contributing are welcomed by TEAA treasurer Henry Hamburger, at 301-320-4350 or  .

  • Brochure, done for us pro bono, can be seen at  brochure . (Available printed from  .)

What We Do

TEAA supports secondary schools and teacher training in the East African nations of Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. As former teachers in those countries we are uniquely positioned to establish close relationships with individual schools and we have done so.

Judicious selection of schools, helping them with proposals and careful followup to assure success are all hallmarks of our efforts. Followup includes site visits (at our own personal expense) which are friendly but thorough, as you can see by looking at our  Manual .

On Tax-Deductible Contributions to TEAA

Teachers for East Africa Alumni (TEAA) is a non-profit tax-exempt (501c3) organization whose principal objective is support for education in the East African nations of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Contributions to TEAA go to the support of secondary schools with unusual promise and where we have direct knowledge and contact. 98% of all money goes to the schools, since we have no salaries and site visitors pay their own way. In short, we are not only tax-deductible but also practically zero-overhead.