TEAA Visits in East Africa

We have conducted two itinerant conferences in East Africa, each starting at the major university of a capital city, followed by extensive school visits, over broad regions of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. In our subsequent assistance to schools we have been guided by what we learned during those events. We have kept in close touch with people we met, not only by email but through school visits by individual TEAA members, as listed below.
Itinerant Conferences
Kampala-Nairobi-Arusha, June, 2003. After meeting and visiting schools in Kampala, Uganda, 24 of us traveled extensively in Kenya. We met with students, teachers, principals, teacher educators and government education officials in all three countries. At a productive wrap-up meeting in Arusha, we agreed on criteria for school support.

Dar es Salaam, July, 2005. We began with two days at the University of Dar es Salaam, where we met with education faculty, government education officials and President Mkapa. Individuals then fanned out over Tanzania for three days to re-establish connections with schools where they had taught. After a rest day in Lushoto, we spent two days each in Moshi and Arusha, continuing to meet with students, teachers and principals.
Permanent and Perennial Visits
1. Fawn Cousens is beyond visiting. She came to East Africa with the TEA program in 1962 and is still there, working in Kampala and playing a vital role as our regional representative.

2. Kate Parry spends summers and intersessions in Uganda, working on educational projects, including TEAA affiliate Kitengesa Community Library.

3. Pat Gill has returned to Uganda frequently to teach and consult on teacher training and science. Click here for pictures of Pat with friends.
Individual Visits, 2004
4. May 04: Ron and Keith Schuchard accompany a group from Emory College to Meru School in Kenya to donate 20 computers and a set of encyclopedias. Click here for Emory University coverage, December, 2005

5. June 04: Henry Hamburger travels to five destinations in Kenya, in search of at least one school in that country to recommend for focused support.

6. July 04: Bill Jones returns to Kenya.
Individual Visits, 2005
7. Summer 05: Trips to Uganda and Kenya before and after the Tanzania conference by Pat Gill, John Dwyer and Henry Hamburger. Pat goes to Nkumba University and also pursues the creation of classroom materials. John and Henry make separate visits to MacKay, Nateete/Kampala to teach, train, observe and visit. Henry checks on our projects in and around Bungoma.

8. Summer 05 again: Meanwhile, Dean McHenry woke up one morning in Morogoro to read that while he had been "Revisiting Makerere and a Tanzanian Friend," President Mkapa was addressing TEAA.

9. Sept 05: Frank Mitchell visits his old school, Bwiru BHS in Mwanza, Tanzania, and in a burst of activity creates an entire Internet cafe, which, despite his demurrals, they insisted on naming after him. Click here for photos and a fuller description.

10. Nov 05: Ed Schmidt and Henry Hamburger travel a circuit of Lake Victoria with 10 school visits covering all three countries.

11. Dec 05: Betty Castor and Sam Bell go to Uganda (and Rwanda). Click here for their report and reflections. Fawn Cousens hosts them and President Kajubi of Nkumba University among others. Click here for photo from that event.
Individual Visits, 2006
12. Jun 06: Lois Carwile travels to Uganda in a group of five led by ex-Peace Corps Volunteer Alan Olson, who joined our Kampala-03 trip.
Individual Visits, 2007
13. Feb 07: Ed Schmidt and Henry Hamburger travel a circuit of Lake Victoria covering all three countries. The 13 schools visited include six recommended but not previously visited.
Individual Visits, 2008
14. Apr 08: Bill Jones and Henry Hamburger visit a dozen schools in the three countries, moving from Kampala via Eldoret,Nairobi and to Arusha to Dar es Salaam. Bill initiates the reading project..
Individual Visits, 2009
15. Feb 09: Ed Schmidt and Henry Hamburger visit 17 secondary schools, a teacher training college and a tech training academy. 10 of these schools are new, in Lira (Uganda), Port Victoria (Kenya) and Moshi (Tanzania).
16. May 09: Betty Castor and Sam Bell visit 6 Uganda schools, some new, providing valuable insights from a fresh perspective on our computer support and the water needs at St Bernards Kiswera.
17. Aug. 09: Pat Gill travels to Uganda to work with elementary school teachers and students and to have a look at the computer situation at St Josephs Centenary.