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1-7. 2003-04: $10,000

1. Aug 03: $2,000 to provide 14 scholarships to MacKay* College in Nateete, Uganda, for capable students unable to pay their tuition.

2. Nov 03: $250 for copies of "English for Life" books for Uganda Schools.

3. Apr 04: $500 to ACCES (African Canadian Continuing Education Society) at Kakamega, Kenya, for blackboards and school supplies. These are to be used in their Literacy for All program.

4. July 04: $3,650 grant from the 1% for Development Fund of the United Nations, for solar panels at Kitengesa Community Library (KCL) in Uganda. KCL does business as TEAA in the USA.

5. Aug 04: $1,600 for 3 computers for MacKay College, a secondary school in Nateete, Uganda, near Kampala. This includes $100 for an instructor to travel to another school to learn up-to-date computer applications.

6. Oct 04: $1,000 to equip physics, biology, and chemistry labs at Mukuyu Secondary School, near Migori, in Kenya.

7. Oct 04: $1,000 to ship new and donated books to the African Institute of Social Development in Uganda, to pay for the purchase of new books and to pay 10 percent royalties to authors for portions of books to be photocopied more cheaply in Uganda.
8-21. 2005: $14,200

8. Jan 05: $1,000 for shared textbooks and library furniture at A. C. Butonge HS near Bungoma, Kenya.

9. Jan 05: $1,500 to Bishop Atundo, Kimaeti, Kenya, for science lab equipment.

10. Apr 05: $1,000 for books, principally dictionaries, atlases and "English for Life" personally distributed to 20 Tanzanian schools in July.

11. June 05: $1,000 for library books and shared textbooks at A. C. Butonge HS near Bungoma, Kenya.

12. June 05: $350 for science equipment to Wamalwa Kijana HS in Bungoma, Kenya.

13. Aug 05: $3,265 for MacKay scholarships, beyond item #1, in 2004 and 2005.

14. Sept 05: $600 for science equipment to Nyakato HS in Bukoba, Tanzania.

15. Sept 05: $500 for computer renovation and faculty training at Mpwapwa HS in Mpwapwa, Tanzania.

16. Sept 05: $1,500 for specified books in three subjects at MacKay College, Kampala, Uganda.

17. Sept 05: $1,000 for chemistry equipment at Mukuyu HS near Migori, Kenya.

18. Sept 05: $500 for science lab at St. Mary's HS near Migori, Kenya; see item #22.

19. Oct 05: $450 to ship some 250 recently published books - collected for us by the School of Education at George Mason University - to two new teacher training colleges in Tanzania.

20. Oct 05: $400 for classroom equipment at several high schools in Tanzania

21. Nov 05: $1,150 for biology textbooks at Nyakato HS, Bukoba, Tanzania.
22-37. 2006: $18,300

22. Jan 06: $250, augmenting item #18 to St. Mary's, Migori, Kenya for our half of the cost of science lab cabinets, to protect and organize equipment and supplies.

23. Jan 06: $1,000 for computer-room security to MacKay, Kampala, Uganda.

24. Mar 06: $1,225 for physics textbooks at Nyakato HS, Bukoba, Tanzania.

25. May 06: $500 for science equipment, including local materials for innovation at Wamalwa Kijana HS, Bungoma, Kenya.

26. May 06: $2,500 for computers, related equipment and software at A.C. Butonge HS, near Bungoma, Kenya.

27. Jun 06: $1,200 for upper-level physics and history textbooks at Nganza Girls HS in Mwanza, Tanzania.

28. Jul 06: $2,000 for additional chemistry lab equipment at Mukuyu HS in Suna, near Migori, Kenya.

29. Aug 06: $2,220 for biology laboratory equipment at Nyakato HS, Bukoba, Tanzania.

30. Oct 06 (arrival at school): $1,500 for a pallet of 20 computers (Pentium 2s) at A.C.Butonge HS, Bungoma, Kenya, in collaboration with World Computer Exchange and Kenya ICT Trust Fund.

31. Oct 06: $1,100 Kitengesa HS and Community Library for computer and digital library.

32-34. Nov 06 (departure from US): $3,480 for 40 Pentium 3s for three schools in Tanzania, to be shipped by World Computer Exchange. The schools are Nyakato, Bwiru Boys and Bwiru Girls. The schools will collaborate on transportation.

35. Nov 06: $1,000 for science equipment to St. Joseph's, Gunga near Migori, Kenya, where the new principal is our former liaison teacher at Mukuyu.

36. Nov 06: 270 pounds of science books to Nyakato, carefully selected from publisher's excess. ($1/lb)

37. Nov 06: 50 specifically requested copies of set books for 2007 national exams, to MacKay. ($1/lb)
38-54. 2007: $32,100

38-40. Jan 07 (departure from US): $5,820 for 60 Pentium 3s for three schools in Uganda, to be shipped by World Computer Exchange. The schools are MacKay, St. Bernard's, Kiswera and Tororo Girls.

41. Jan 07 (split with TEAA-er Frank Mitchell): $1,800 for a 6-month extension of Internet service at Bwiru Boys, to track its usefulness.

42. Feb 07: $4,500 for 10 five-million-item digital libraries at several schools in all three countries. Delivery and attempted installation will be ongoing during this month. Also see the "eGranary" item in "What's Hot" for December 2006, where the first of the ten is mentioned.

43. Apr 07: $2,000 for computer transport, technical support and training at Nyakato.

44. Apr 07: $1,500 for computer transport, components and technical support at Bwiru Boys and Bwiru Girls.

45. May 07: $2,000 for science lab equipment at MacKay.

46. Jun 07: $1,100 to Mukuyu HS so that no more than 4 students will need to share a book in any required subject.

47. Jun 07: $500 for additional science lab equipment at St Joseph's, Gunga, which had none prior to our first grant there.

48. Jun 07: $1,500 to Tororo Girls HS so that no more than 3 students will need to share a book in any A-level science subject.

49. Jun 07: $1,000 to St. Bernard's, Kiswera for science lab equipment.

50. Jun 07: $2,035 to Mpwapwa HS for science books, faculty computer training and - since they have a substantial blind population - two Braillers purchased from the UK's Royal National Institute for the Blind.

51. Jul 07: $2,500 to Butonge for laboratory equipment in all the sciences.

52. Oct 07: $1,235 to Nyakato for textbooks in geography, history and Swahili.

53. Oct 07: $2,636 for 20 computers to St Joseph's Centenary, Ndeeba, near Kampala and shipping surcharge for 60 accompanying computers to other Uganda schools.

54. Oct 07: $2,000 to MacKay for textbooks in English and Swahili and for chemistry lab equipment.
55-73. 2008: $27,300

55. Jan 08: $800 for science lab equipment at St Joseph's, Gunga, part of a continuing effort.

56. Feb 08 and July 08: Total of $2,100 for the MacKay scholarship program this year.

57-58. Mar 08: $1,940 for a pallet of 20 P3 and P4 computers divided between St. Joseph Ngarenaro Girls in Arusha and Moringe Sokoine in Monduli, both in Tanzania.

59. Mar 08: $1,150 to St. Bernard's, Kiswera for science lab equipment.

60. May 08: $300 for maps of Africa prepared on grain sacks by Mango Tree, to be used at many schools.

61. Jul 08: $2,250 to Moringe Sokoine, Monduli - near Arusha, Tanzania - for books and chairs in the school library.

62. Jul 08: $1,000 to MacKay College, Nateete, for computing environment.

63. Jul 08: $1,000 to St. Joseph's Centenary, Kampala, for science lab and books, as well as some computer supplies.

64. Aug 08: $2,300 St. Bernard's, Kiswera for enough A-level math books to provide one per three students; also, a dual purpose table for study and ping pong.

65. Aug 08: $ 2,440 to St. Joseph Ngarenaro for an experimental program involving an LCD projector, a digital camera and a video camera

66. Aug 08: $1,200 to Mukuyu, near Migori, Kenya, for science and math books as well as lab equipment.

67. Aug 08: $1,200 to St.Joseph's, Gunga, Kenya, to increase the number of textbooks in science and mathematics so there will be 3 students per textbook.

68. Aug 08: $1,225 to Tororo Girls High, Tororo, Uganda, for additional A-level textbooks, a follow-up to the grant of a year ago.

69. Sep 08: $2,000 to Chang'ombe in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, for literature, science books and lab equipment.

70. Sep 08: $1,200 to Tororo Girls High for LCD projector project, for which they have strong technical support.

71. Sep 08: $3,000 to Tambaza in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, for A-level textbooks.

72. Nov 08: Total of $2,260 for the MacKay scholarship program in 2009.

73. Nov 08: 3 used computers to Ngai SS, a government-aided O-level boarding school in Northern Uganda.
74-98. 2009: $22,350

74. Jan 09: $300 to MacKay College, for books for independent recreational reading. This grant was made possible by a special donation to TEAA by Students Against Lack of Education (SALE) at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. They raise money by the sale of textbooks at good prices to their fellow students.

75. Mar 09: $1,220 for 20 used, co-sponsored Pentium 3 computers to Weruweru Girls, an all A-level Secondary School 6 miles outside Moshi, Tanzania. The co-sponsorship came via our partner, the World Computer Exchange.

76. Apr 09: $1,235 in memory of Arlone Child to MacKay, principally for two LCD projectors. Arlone had worked from the beginning of TEAA to raise funds for scholarships at MacKay from among her friends in Colorado, and these people along with a few TEAA-ers are the source of these funds.

77. Apr 09: $1,000 to Lunza Secondary in Kenya for microscopes and books in a few different subjects judged to be in critical need. This is our first grant to this school, and is based in part on a visit earlier this year.

78. Apr 09: $850 to Nyakato for books, mainly in geography but also in Swahili, a language with a special role in Tanzania, but one that is far from automatic, on the western shore of Lake Victoria, far from the coast.

79. Apr 09: $300 to St. Joseph Ngarenaro for books for independent recreational reading. This grant was made possible by the second special donation from our partner, S.A.L.E. at the U. of Massachusetts.

80. May 09: $1,500 to Iceme, where Sister Clare Migisha is building strong women. The grant is for O-level books and chemistry laboratory supplies. This northern Uganda school, 30 miles from Lira, had its campus shut down 2002-06 because it was a government-LRA war-zone.

81. May 09: $300 to St. Bernard's, Kiswera, to purchase books for a project in individual reading.

82. May 09: $500 to Wamalwa Kijana, a small community school near Bungoma, Kenya, for a continuing TEAA project to supply science lab equipment.

83. May 09: $1,200 to Butonge for a continuing TEAA project to stock the library, in this case with several copies each, across the curriculum and in all four forms; there is no A-level in Kenya.

84. May 09: $550 to the Moonlight School in Bungoma, Kenya, for academic equipment.

85. May 09: $250 to Bishop Tarantino near Lira, Uganda, for second, third and fourth form math books and a teacher's guide at each level.

86. Jun 09: $250 to Unity College, Ngetta, near Lira, Uganda, for O-level science books

87. Jun 09: $250 to Ave Maria Vocational Training and Youth Development Centre for a knitting machine.

88. Jun 09: $250 to Namenya Girls in Port Victoria for a one-year scholarship to a first-year student.

89. Jun 09: $450 to John Osogo Boys for O-level math books.

90. Jul 09: $600 to St. Joseph Ngarenaro Girls for items to complement last year's TEAA provision, namely, software, computer memory and a projector screen.

91. Aug 09: $1,500 to Moringe Sokoine for chemistry laboratory equipment. Despite the excellent teaching that we witnessed, exam results have been disappointing, says the headmaster, "due to insufficient experience with practicals [which] have been given only to classes with national examinations."

92. Sep 09: $250 for books across the curriculum at a small start-up school, Notre Dame, located at Njiro, near Arusha, and run by the excellent former principal of Ngarenaro.

93. Sep 09: $5,500 for a new water system at St. Bernard's, Kiswera, Uganda. The school needs a well closer to the buildings for health reasons and to eliminate the time and burden of carrying water uphill. The well will be within the school land, adjacent to the compound. With enrollment of about 500 students, many of them orphans, the school receives no government support.

94. Sep 09: $250 for books at the Kitengesa Community Library, in Uganda. The library used by neighboring schools as well as the community. TEAA member Kate Parry has provided leadership for this initiative which has become a model for community libraries across sub-Saharan Africa.

95. Sep 09: $1,500 for science equipment and science books at Tororo Girls High. With over 1400 students, this is the largest girls' secondary school in Uganda and plays a critical role in secondary education in eastern Uganda. TEAA has helped to fund science textbooks, an LCD projector and an eGranary, which is functional.

96. Sep 09: $1,000 for books and lab equipment at New Kabale, Busega, near Kampala. This is a school that receives no government support for its 130 students. The majority of students at the school are orphans. The school leadership encourages students to earn their fees. They are committed to teaching practical job-related subjects in addition to the required curriculum. Leadership is provided by Fred Tukahirwa, an administrator at Aga Khan School and his wife Candid Tukahirwa.

97. Sep 09: $350 to Gunga for books for the independent reading project.

98. Dec 09: $1,000 to Mukuyu mainly for science lab equipment, along with some science models and math visual aids.
99-113. 2010: $17,250

99. Jan '10: $1,250 to MacKay for a duplicating machine.

100. Jan '10: $500 to Budadiri Girls Secondary School near Mbale and Mt. Elgon in eastern Uganda. This is the first grant to Budadiri, for dictionaries and textbooks in various courses, notably geography.

101. Mar '10: $500 of miscellaneous commitments - to New Kabaale for textbooks and MacKay as part of an ongoing scholarship program.

102. Apr '10: $500 to MacKay for a pilot project with the reusable feminine hygiene pad called AFRIpads. The goal is to improve young women's school attendance. Participants will pay for a fraction of the cost.

103. Mar '10: $500 to Tarantino, near Lira, Uganda, for science equipment and chemicals.

104. May '10: $1,400 to Lunza Secondary near Butere, Kenya for recreational reading books, textbooks and microscopes.

105. May '10: $2,000 to St. Joseph Ngarenaro in Arusha. $1,140 of this is for 10 P4 computers via World Computer Exchange and $860 for textbooks principally in biology and chemistry and to some extent math and physics.

106. May '10: $2,000 to Moringe Sokoine, a school with 650 students in Monduli, about 30 miles from Arusha, for chemistry equipment at both ordinary and advanced level, since "the number of students who are choosing to study science voluntarily after the Form Two National Examination has doubled" in the last two years.

107. May '10: $500 to Moringe Sokoine (see preceding entry) for a project in recreational reading.

108. May '10: $300 to Tarantino, near Lira, Uganda, for a project in independent recreational reading. This grant was made possible by the third special donation from our partner, S.A.L.E. at the U. of Massachusetts.

109. May '10: $5,500 to St. Bernard's, Kiswera for first stage of water project.

110. Aug '10: $300 to St. Joseph Ngarenaro for computer expenses.

111. Sep '10: $500 to Gunga for math and science books, toward a goal of one textbook for every two students.

112. Dec '10: $500 to Notre Dame at Njiro, near Arusha, Tanzania for form four math and science books and key lab items.

113. Dec. '10: $1,000 total for the first two TEAA reading projects (2008) at St. Bernard's and Tororo Girls.
114-134. 2011: $33,670

114. Feb '11: $1,000 to Bishop Tarantino College in Lira, Uganda for textbooks in biology, chemistry, and physics.

115. Mar '11: $2,000 to Moringe Sokoine for laboratory apparatus to serve both O level and A level students. Included is a precision digital scale that yields continual savings on chemicals. Also in this purchase are various electrical meters and both carbon and copper electrodes for experiments that promote understanding of ionic theory, electrolysis and electrode potentials.

116. Apr '11: $300 to St Joseph, Gunga to provide grammar and reading books for incoming students weak in English.

117. Apr '11: $1,500 to St. Joseph, Ngarenaro (Arusha, TZ) for physics lab equipment.

118. Apr '11: $4,000 to St. Bernard's, Kiswera (Masaka, UG) for completion of their water project. Special thanks to TEAA-ers Betty Castor and Sam Bell for this initiative.

119. May '11: $800 to A.C.Butonge High (near Bungoma, KE) for science and math books.

120. May '11: $2,520 for 2 pallets of refurbished P4 computers headed to Moringe Sokoine and St Joseph Ngarenaro. The latter will redirect a few to Notre Dame Academy, Njiro. Each pallet will contain 18 instead of the usual 20 computers to help make room for microscopes traveling in the same container. See next item.

121. May '11: $410 for packing and shipping of 31 microscopes in working condition, donated to us by Michigan State University. From Michigan they traveled to Maryland where our World Computer Exchange partners found room for them in a computer shipment. See preceding item. Special thanks to TEAA-er Leal Dickson for this initiative.

122. May '11: $3,000 to supply AFRIpads, a feminine hygiene product for female students at several high schools in Uganda. Participants will pay 1/4 of the cost. The project is motivated by educational considerations, but because it is washable, reusable and manufactured in Uganda it also has hygienic, ecological and economic benefits. Special thanks to TEAA-er Gene Child for this initiative.

123. June '11: $1,000 for 14 permanent metal tables at Moringe Sokoine, a special grant in recognition of excellent results on the 2010 form 4 national exams.

124. Aug '11: $500 to Amagoro Girls for math books at all levels. This is a first-time grant to this single-stream school, which is in its fifth year and is located in Kenya just outside Malaba near the Uganda border.

125. Sep '11: $800 to Mukuyu for textbooks, to attain a 4:1 ratio of students to books in all subjects in Forms 3 and 4 at a cost of $580. The remainder is to be used for revision books and possibly a few books for the lower forms.

126. Sep '11: $1,000 to Nyakato for A-level science textbooks.

127. Nov '11: $2,100 to Prudent Primary for a simple one-room structure to hold classes for 50 students at a time. Currently all classes meet outdoors. Construction will be overseen by TEAA rep Peter Indalo

128. Nov '11: $7,740 to MacKay. This is approximately half of a matching grant to help complete the construction of a library, classroom, computer lab building. The parents have so far raised exactly this amount. The foundations, concrete floors for the first floor and some of the columns for a second floor were finished when construction was halted for lack of funds.

129. Nov '11: $400 to Moonlight Primary to replace concrete floors in several classrooms. The deteriorating floors create an unsafe walking surface and the pulverized concrete gets into the air, which is bad for all students, but especially those with asthma.

130. Nov '11: $800 to Oruba Girls Secondary School in southwestern Kenya, near Migori. This first-time grant is for math books and chemistry equipment.

131. Nov '11: $1,000 to Bungoma Baptist Girls High School. This first-time grant is for 12 microscopes.

132. Nov '11: $900 to Moringe Sokoine for reading books, English language activity books, and A-level textbooks to support the English program.

133. Nov '11: $900 to Notre Dame Academy Njiro to purchase electrical apparatus for physics in the science laboratory.

134. Dec '11: $1,000 to Toloso Secondary in Chwele, Kenya, north of Bungoma, for math textbooks and library books for a program of independent reading.
135-148. 2012: $30,870

135. Jan '12: $950 to Amagoro Girls for purchase of basic science materials. The school has been without any purchased science equipment until now.

136. Feb '12: $1,300 to Bishop Tarantino College in Lira for a projector along with a CPU for demonstrating academic concepts, including laboratory models. Materials for presentation are now available covering various parts of Uganda's national curriculum for secondary education.

137. Feb '12: $1,200 to Lunza Secondary School, near Butere, north of Kisumu, for microscopes and materials to improve students' English, the latter to be accomplished with additional titles for the project in recreational reading as well as teacher's manuals.

138. Mar '12: $1,000 to St Monica Bondo, Kosiemo, for textbooks across the curriculum and for all forms. The school - located in southwestern Kenya, south of Kisumu, near Lake Victoria - is new to us, but we have known the principal from his two preceding assignments.

139. Apr '12: $1,760 for 20 refurbished computers headed to Moringe Sokoine, as well as a share of the cost to the school of transporting them from Dar es Salaam to their home in Monduli. All of the computers in this shipment have at least Pentium 4 processors; ⅔ have at least 512 Megs of RAM and 90% have at least a 40 gigabyte hard drive. All are preloaded with Windows XP. The ship reached port at the start of July.

140. Apr '12: $7,260 to MacKay - the final portion of a $15,000 matching grant. The project will complete the construction of a 2-story building that will house a library, 2 classrooms and a computer lab. Special thanks go to TEAA-er Gene Child whose generosity funded this entire challenge. We salute the parents for meeting the challenge and are grateful to John Cousens for voluntarily providing onsite inspection.

141. Feb '12: $1,300 to Iceme Girls, located a substantial drive away from Lira, Uganda. The grant is for a projector and supporting CPU. Learning materials for secondary schools, especially in the sciences, that utilize a projector are available in Uganda. The materials enable teachers to show processes that can not be readily duplicated in the classroom.

142. July '12: $1,100 to Toloso Secondary School, near Bungoma, Kenya, for enough math books to bring the student-to-book ratio down to 2:1. The principal has been cooperating with our attempt to assess the effects we hope that this will have on test scores.

143. Sept '12: $1,300 to Bungoma Baptist Girls High School for an LCD projector and supporting materials for use in the sciences, especially biology. "In this young school," writes the headmistress, "e-learning has been our dream. These machines will assist us a great deal to demystify content delivery in subject areas that have been rather abstract."

144. Oct '12: $1,500 to St Monica Bondo, Kosiemo, for laboratory equipment. Building and furniture are completed. This grant will go to general purpose infrastructure needed for safe execution of experiments in biology and chemistry. (For information about the school, see #138.)

145. Nov '12: $5,000 to MacKay to help furnish the new library building. Principal items are reading tables (15) and chairs (120), shelves and filing cabinets. The TEAA donation, made possible by Gene Child, is a matching grant originally estimated as 50% of the total cost, though Uganda's inflation may have diminished that to 40%.

146. Nov '12: $4,300 to Moringe Sokoine for two LCD projectors with laptops and projection screens.

147. Nov '12: $500 to Mzumbe Secondary for geography books. Individual members gave an additional $750 in memory of Tony Beck who taught that subject there in 1961-63. Several former Mzumbe teachers who are now TEAA-ers visited this boys' school in Morogoro, Tanzania in 2011 immediately after the EA-11 trip.

148. Dec '12: $2,400 to Kilakala Secondary, a girls' school in Morogoro, where several TEAA-ers visited in 2011 immediately after the EA-11 trip. This excellent school will be a pioneer within Tanzania in educational uses of ICT. This award is to fund 3 LCD projectors.
149-162. 2013: $16,350

149. Feb '13: $1,200 to Oruba Girls for biology and chemistry textbooks and related teaching materials. The student-to-book ratio will now drop to 2:1.

150. Mar '13: $1,200 to Amagoro Girls High, one-third for a new reading program and the rest for laboratory equipment spanning the sciences.

151. Mar '13: $900 to MaaSAE Girls Lutheran SS in Monduli, Tanzania, via Operation Bootstrap Africa's scholarship fund. This grant is intended to be the first of four over a four-year period. Despite coming from "cultures where education of girls is not valued and often discouraged," students' average on national exams placed the school in the top 10% in 2011.

152. Mar '13: $1,050 to Nkoaranga Secondary School in Usa River, near Arusha, Tanzania, for novels and grammars at all levels, toward the goal that books be shared among at most 3 students. The grant is aligned with Tanzania's pursuit of improved English language capability. This school also serves as a living laboratory for materials designed to improve English that are produced at the nearby Mwangaza Center, a project of TEAA-er Shoonie Hartwig.

153. Apr '13: $850 to Msaranga Secondary School near Moshi, Tanzania, for maths and physics textbooks. This school collaborates with the Moshi Rural Teacher Capacity Building Workshop at which Ed Schmidt conducted demonstrations in January, 2013.

154. Apr '13: $1,250 to Toloso Friends Secondary School in Bungoma, Kenya for science laboratory equipment, mathematics text books, and story books which are used both as literature and class texts.

155. Apr '13: $1,250 to Bishop Tarantino College for library study tables in a hall currently void of furniture. The space will be used by students during free time during the day and for evening study.

156. Apr '13: $1,250 to Lunza Secondary School near Mumias, Kenya for biology textbooks and classrooms sets of English readers by African authors.

157. May '13: $1,250 to Bungoma Baptist Girls High School for text and revision books in mathematics and reading books by African authors.

158. Jun '13: $450 to Wandiji Mixed (girls and boys) Secondary School near Homa Bay, Kenya for a relatively wide variety of books of fiction for a recreational reading project.

159. Jun '13: $800 to Mukuyu Secondary School near Migori, Kenya for science laboratory equipment.

160. Nov '13: $900 to MaaSAE GLSS in Monduli, Tanzania, via the OBA scholarship fund. This is a follow-up, for 2014, to item #151 in this list.

161. Dec '13: $2000 to Amagoro Girls, half for triple-decker bunk beds for the school's first dormitory and half for lab equipment across the sciences.

162. Dec '13: $2000 to Nkoaranga Secondary School in Usa River, near Arusha, Tanzania, for textbooks and a photocopier.
163-176. 2014: $24,100

163. Jan '14: $1,500 to Wandiji Mixed (girls and boys) Secondary School near Homa Bay, Kenya for science supplies, mainly in chemistry.

164. Jan '14: $1,500 to Mukuyu Secondary School in Migori County, Kenya, for textbooks across the curriculum with an emphasis on mathematics in Forms 3 and 4. Currently, there are six students per textbook.

165. Jan '14: $2000 to Toloso Secondary in Chwele, Kenya, north of Bungoma. $500 for lab equipment and $1500 for textbooks in biology, chemistry and physics.

166. Jan '14: $2000 to Oruba Girls Secondary School in southwestern Kenya, near Migori, for text and revision books in mathematics and the sciences.

167. Feb '14: $2000 to Lunza Secondary School, near Butere, north of Kisumu, Kenya for 5 used computers, a projector, and a printer. The school is initiating a class in information technology.

168. Feb '14: $2,400 to Kilakala Girls Secondary School in Morogoro, Tanzania for a water distiller, computers and projection screen.

169. Feb '14: $1,500 to St. Charles Secondary School, Ntungamo, between Mbarara and Kabale in western Uganda for science laboratory equipment.

170. Feb '14: $500 to Bishop Linus Okok Osogo Secondary School, Suna Migori, southwestern Kenya, for a minimal laboratory: a microscope, and equipment for timing and weighing.

171. Mar '14: $2,550 to Bishop Tarantino College near Lira, Uganda, for three new computers and UPS units. Computer literacy is required for A-level, which is just now coming to the school.

172. Mar '14: $2,000 to Bungoma Baptist Girls School in Bungoma, Kenya. Half the grant is for miscellaneous physics equipment and a few reference texts, the other half for a photocopier.

173. Aug '14: $1,250 to Notre Dame Academy, Njiro, for textbooks.

174. Sep '14: $2,650 to Moringe Sokoine SS, for lab tables.

175. Oct '14: $1,250 to Nkoaranga SS, for science textbooks. Also see #152.

176. Nov '14: $1,000 to MaaSAE Girls Lutheran SS in Monduli, Tanzania. This is the 2015 installment of our commitment to its scholarship fund. The amount is $100 more per year than in years 1 and 2. OBA, the intermediary (see item #151), informs us that a sizable chunk of the increase is going to teachers' salaries.
177-184. 2015: $12,400

177. Jan '15: $750 to Nkoaranga SS, 15 miles northeast of Arusha, Tanzania, for science textbooks.

178. Mar '15: $1,400 to Leo Atubo College, a mixed high school, near Lira, Uganda, for biology lab materials. The new principal is Maxwell Engola, with whom we have worked successfully elsewhere.

179. Mar '15: $2,000 to Toloso SS, a mixed school in Chwele, Kenya, near Bungoma in the northwest, for science textbooks.

180. Apr '15: $2,500 to Kilakala Girls SS in Morogoro, Tanzania, for A-level science texts and a reading program at O-level.

181. Apr '15: $2,000 to Amagoro Girls SS near Malaba, Kenya for math and science textbooks.

182. Aug '15: $2,000 to Bungoma Baptist Girls SS in Bungoma, Kenya for a photocopier and physics lab equipment.

183. Aug '15: $750 to Wandiji SS in the region of Homa Bay, Kenya, for independent reading books and textbooks in English and math.

184. Nov '15: $1,000 to MaaSAE Girls Lutheran SS in Monduli, Tanzania. This 2016 installment completes our 4-year commitment to the school's scholarship fund. See item #151.
185-190. 2016: $10,400

185. Feb '16: $750 to Nkoaranga mostly for physics lab but also for science books.

186. July '16: $1,550 to Amagoro for textbooks in English, Business, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

187. Aug '16: $2,000 to Leo Atubo College, a mixed high school, near Lira, Uganda, for textbooks, mostly in math and the sciences, including some at A-level.

188. Sept '16: $1,300 to St Joseph Ngarenaro, relocated to Kisongo, 8 miles west of Arusha. This is a school for girls, "especially those from rural areas who have never seen computers or anything of technologies," according to long-time computer teacher Bernard Mlemeta who organized fundraising among his colleagues to match our grant for computing equipment from World Computer Exchange.

189. Dec '16: $1,100 to Bungoma Baptist Girls SS, for novels and readers in Swahili, English and French.

190. Dec '16: $3,700 to Moringe Sokoine SS, for renovation of the chemistry laboratory, notably the 10 work stations that will have chemical sinks, water taps and gas taps.
191-193. 2016: $6,400

191. Mar '17: $1,150 to Nkoaranga for a projector and a small number of math books.

192. Apr '17: $2,400 to MaaSAE Girls Lutheran SS in Monduli, Tanzania. This 2017 installment extends from 4 years to 6 our commitment to the school's scholarship fund, nominally in support of a particular student's continuation into Advanced Level studies. See item #151.

193. July '17: $1,300 to Wandiji SS in the region of Homa Bay, Kenya, for textbooks and reference books for the school library.

194. Sep '17: $1,550 to Amagoro Girls SS for textbooks in Science, English, Business, and Mathematics.
Largest Lifetime Contributions
over $25,000
Gene & Arlone Child

over $16,000
Ed Schmidt

over $14,000
Betty Castor & Sam Bell

over $12,000
Henry Hamburger

over $10,000
Lorna Gregory

over $8,000
Gus & Mary Ann Lewis

over $5,000
Kay King
Dave & Cathy Newbury

over $4,000
Pat Gill
Brooks Goddard
over $3,000
Joan & Jerry Schieber
Larry Thomas

over $2,000
Sharon Hartmann
Bruce Franklin
Jim Weikart
Emilee Cantieri
Major Projects by Individual TEAA Members

1. 2005-09 & 2010-17: Betsey Anderson and Ed Schmidt supported a four-year scholarship for a Ugandan woman to go to Nkumba University, found with the help of Senteza Kajubi. Then they provided comparable support for a Kenyan student to attend university in Uganda, at the recommendation of Ed's former colleague in Kenya who is now a TEAA representative. The total expense for the two has been over $8,000. [2014] the latter student has graduated and Betsey and Ed are at it again, helping support another student, this one at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, the top public university in Kenya's Western Province. [2017] This third student has now also graduated.

2. 2010-14: Shelby Lewis has funded four successive one-year scholarships of $800 each at Tororo Girls High in Uganda, starting with an award made in 2010. The Headmistress and her team select award recipients on the basis of academic performance and need.

3. 2012-14: Betty Castor and Sam Bell support travel scholarships to Masters Degree students from the College of Public Health at the University of South Florida in Tampa. In summer, 2014, two female interns spent eight weeks at the village of Papoli, about ten miles from Tororo. One student was concentrating on malaria research and another was gaining information on newborn health issues. This was the third year that their travel grants enabled students to complete their global health requirements in Uganda. Three more will be supported in 2015. In addition, two USF medical students spent six weeks at the Bishop Masareka Clinic near Kasese in Western Uganda in Spring, 2014.

4. 2004-09: Arlone Child organized a long-term fund-raising drive in her community replete with East African dinners to support a program of 50% support of school fees throughout a four-year secondary school program, for 30 students at MacKay College in Kampala, Uganda. Whenever donations fell short she made up the difference. Some students received support for A-level. Students were chosen on the basis of need and had to maintain an excellent academic record. A building at the school has been named in her memory.

5. 2003-2008: Bob Ashcraft has for several years been donating approximately $1,600 per year to support 4 students at a time at Machakos HS in Kenya. Criteria are need, academics and community activity. This project is still underway 2010.

6. 2005-07: Frank Mitchell donates $7,000 for computer equipment and internet access to Bwiru Boys HS in Mwanza, Tanzania. He has paid for the service into 2007. In 2006 he obtained a garage-ful of books, then selected and sent 1,400 pounds of them.

7. 2004-06: Ron and Keith Schuchard raised through Emory College a gift of 20 computers and a set of encyclopedias for Meru Boys' School in Kenya. In a series of subsequent visits they have brought a wide variety of other donations.

8. 2005: Sam Bell shipped 30 3-year-old, top-of-the-line computers, adapted to local specifications, to Nkumba University, Uganda, at an expense of $7,000. It is our understanding that 10 of these will go to MacKay College.

9. Ginny Timmons, the wife of TEA-er Joe Timmons, wrote in an obituary in Newsletter #4, February, 2001, that Joe "had always talked about his experiences at Kamusinga (Kenya), and we had planned to go back in 1998. It was an important experience for him, and a good one. He did not make it, but I decided I still wanted to go and see the school. I visited the school last March and have set up a scholarship in Joe's name."